About Me

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I started to eat a vegetarian diet in September 2004 (when my daughter Bella was 6 mo. old)…and have experimented with different variations along the way (lacto- ovo/vegan/raw). Initially, I stopped eating meat because organic meat was too expensive for our budget…but now that I understand the full impact of the meat industry, my reasons for being vegetarian have evolved.

During the 8 months prior to my 2nd pregnancy, I was eating about 90% raw. After I became pregnant, many of those foods were repulsive to me!! Especially greens.  I added some cheeses and eggs, but still tried to focus on lots of greens, whole grains, and fruits and veggies. Green smoothies are still not appetizing at all to me, regardless of how much I give myself a “pep talk” beforehand. Eventually, everything evened out. After Lucy was born, I went back to a mostly raw diet.

During my third pregnancy…I  added fish, venison, and chicken. I continued to incorporate lots of raw fruits and veggies and ate a 90% vegetarian diet.

And that leads to today! I had grown increasingly tired of the RULES I had for myself. So now…I eat what I want. And I listen to my body. And I’m a Happy Foody 🙂

I’m so glad you’re here!


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