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When you’re eating raw foods, it’s crucial to keep lots and lots of fresh fruit available so that you always have a quick snack available. This is a peek at our fruit baskets…just waiting to be devoured! We found these oranges while we were on Tybee Island…they were 10 for $1.00!! We bought 30. Yum. We don’t normally eat a lot of oranges, but that was too good to pass up! We’ve been juicing them a lot for green smoothies…it adds a great little kick.

Our banana stash was rather low in this photo…we usually have about 6 bunches on hand at a time (and more in the freezer for smoothies), all in different stages of ripeness. The challenge in the RV is where to put all of the fruit! I would have more if I had somewhere to put them. We’re working on making a fruit hammock to hang from under one of our counters…yay!

Oh, and no…the wheat grass is not real πŸ™‚ It fools everyone who walks into the RV, but it’s just a great replica. Although, I am wanting to start growing herbs in the front window as we drive…it’s so nice and bright up there!

April 3, 2008 at 2:30 pm 5 comments

Going Bananas!

This is my lovely friend Becky displaying our banana JACKPOT that we came across late one night this weekend. We found these 2 bags of super ripe bananas for $1.49 per bag (each bag was 8-9 lbs)…which comes to about 19 cents per lb. I was practically beside myself with glee. BECAUSE…I had been on a “banana hunt” all week long, going from grocery store to grocery store trying to find some ripe bananas!! Everywhere I went…green bananas. And more green bananas. I was beginning to lose hope. And then we stopped by this place on a whim and WHOOOOOO HOOO!

Due to our new raw lifestyle, we go through a lot of bananas. My table in the RV was FULL of bananas on Friday night…and they are almost gone now. Well, about 1/2 of them are sliced and frozen in our freezer for green smoothies, but we blew through them pretty fast! Someday, when we aren’t traveling anymore, I will be buying my bananas in bulk from our coop…but for now I have to “hunt” for them…all around the country! πŸ™‚

There is just NOTHING like a perfectly ripe banana. Sweet, dense, creamy. They can stop the most intense of cravings! You always want to eat them at the ripest you can…the antioxidant levels are highest when they are almost to the point of “spoiling”. Un-ripe bananas are not great for your digestion, so I would say stay away from them if you can. Check out the amazing nutritional benefits of bananas here.

Go bananas!

February 26, 2008 at 9:25 pm 23 comments


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"It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet." -Margaret Mead

"I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open and put them on cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of their lives." - Dean Ornish, MD

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