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Dulse Rhymes With Pulse

Here is a little goodie that I try to eat EVERY day. Dulse is packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals…so good for you. I just recently started using it…before that, I would just cut up nori sheets and use those to get my sea vegetable fix. But dulse has a really different taste and I love it. It’s quite salty…it adds a really nice kick to salads, wraps, soups, sandwiches, and even smoothies! You can even buy dulse granuales and use them to replace the salt in your recipes. The most common way I eat it is cut up in my salad.

The reason I try to eat some kind of sea vegetable every day is because they are so high in iron and low iron runs in my family. But it’s also very high in iodine and B12…along with vegetable protein, potassium, magnesium, chlorophyll, enzymes, A & B Vitamins, and dietary fiber. Bella LOVES seaweed as well…but tends to stick with untoasted nori. I leave the pack low enough in the pantry so she can help herself to it when she wants. She’ll grab 2-3 sheets and a time and snack on them. Yum!

Here is what it looks like up close…it’s soft and chewy. If you don’t like the texture, you can soak it in filtered water to soften it up or throw it in the food processor to chop it into tiny bits for your salad:

Dulse Up Close

Try some dulse today!


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