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Raw Food and Pregnancy

*Edited to add: I forget that some of you may not read my other blogs, and may not even know that I’m pregnant πŸ™‚ So…surprise! I’m pregnant! Due in late May/early June.*

Hello fellow foodies!
Several of you have commented or emailed asking questions about the raw food diet during pregnancy and if I would continue. I have been VERY nauseous during the first trimester, and unfortunately, most raw foods made me want to run in the opposite direction! πŸ™‚ Including green smoothies. It was very frustrating because I knew my body needed it, but it would reject it every time. Now that I’m in my 13th week…the fog has lifted a bit, and I am able to start adding back my favorite raw foods. It’s amazing to me that just a few weeks ago, a big salad turned my stomach, and today I devoured an entire head of kale. I will slowly be adding back smoothies, as my stomach allows.

I have done research on eating a completely raw diet during pregnancy, with wonderful results. If you aren’t familiar with Jinjee and her raw pregnancies, defintely check out her site/eBook. It’s well worth the read. For me personally, I’m currently eating a mostly vegan diet with as much raw as I can. When I say “mostly vegan”, I don’t mean that I’m eating meat, but that I am eating eggs and occasionally organic cheese. For milk, we use soy or almond milk. I will continue to up my greens daily…I see so much value in greens during pregnancy and know that it will keep my iron levels and energy up. My main goal is to eat a varied diet of many colors, with as much raw as possible and I am comfortable with that. I also take Rainbow Light “Complete Prenatal System” vitamins, along with fish oils, and some grapefruit seed extract for yeast prevention, etc.

This blog will naturally gravitate back towards healthy vegan/vegetarian fare, and I will post new yummy recipes as I find them πŸ™‚ Have a Happy Foody day!


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